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Posted on: 08/11/2019

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The introduction of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has radically transformed the world around us. From Siri on your iPhone, to smart-email categorisation on your computer, AI has grown to become a fundamentally important part of our lives; helping us to communicate better, operate faster, and do business with greater efficiency.

Across the globe the digital revolution is continuing at breakneck speed, and some businesses are struggling to keep pace with the rate of technological development, and the frequent introduction of new operating systems. Traditional ‘brick and mortar’ style businesses are being forced to adapt to survive in an increasingly digitalised market-place, whilst consumers are no longer burdened by physical barriers; able to engage with international markets from the comfort of their own home.

Getting businesses fighting fit for this brave new, technologically advanced world is no small task, and often requires the cooperation of industry specialists to get businesses ready for the demands of the digital market.

To further understand how industry specialists are future-proofing businesses, Executive Television latest programme, entitled: The Digitalisation of Business, considers how industry specialists are helping companies to adapt to the demands of modern consumer markets through transformative digital solutions and AI based mechanics.

In this episode, Executive TV meets with three specialist providers of advanced, integrated, future-proof IT services. We meet with Nimble, a company specialised in applying machine learning to businesses. We also meet with Adare SEC, a leading provider of technology-led, integrated communication systems. And finally, we meet with Xeretec, a company whose primary aim is to help businesses optimise their digital revolution.

Digitalisation of Business will be first broadcast on Sunday 10th November at 10:30 am, and then on December 01st at 10:30 am, on SKY Digital channel 191.

To get ready for the future, where consumers and markets interact mostly online and away from physical spaces, industries must prepare. The challenges facing industry are colossal; yet with the correct guidance, and through the provision of effective, streamlined IT systems, businesses will be able to adapt and thrive in an increasingly digitalised world.

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