‘Construction in the UK: Setting the Stage’

Posted on: 08/11/2019

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Photo by Juhasz Imre on Pexels.com

The UK construction industry has seen a substantial amount of growth and innovation over the years. As a result, we have seen a dramatic increase in the standard of projects that have been undertaken and are on-going. In the past decade, we have witnessed significant changes to how the construction industry operates as they continually evolve in an effort to keep pace with technological and societal changes.

The latest programme in our Engineering the Future series, looks at the modern nature of the UK construction industry; and one of the major players changing the narrative of construction through big and small scale projects.

In this programme, we hear from one of the UK’s first structural metal decking contractors Composite Profiles. As a key player in the UK construction industry, Composite Profiles has evolved to be one of the most respected specialists in the industry so we were delighted to spend a couple of days filming with them at their HQ in Dorset and also have them walk us through their current project in London Shoreditch.

The programme ‘Construction in the UK: Setting the Stage’ will broadcast on our usual channel, SKY digital channel 191 on Sunday 10th November at 10.00am, and repeated on Sunday 01st December at 10.00am.  After the initial broadcast, the programme will then be available online at www.executivetv.org  with the rest of our digital archive.


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