Products To Benefit Healthcare

Published on: 07/02/2018


Equipment is a critical part of healthcare, just as important in ensuring fast, effective treatment as the doctors and nurses who use them. The past decade has seen huge innovation across the whole medical field, with new products bringing major improvements in diagnosis, in treatment and in efficiency. In this program we’ll look at some of the technologies that have been making the NHS a more effective organisation and the work that has gone in to making them.

This episode brings together Brandon Medical, global leaders in medical lighting and theatre AV systems; Aerocom, a major player in delivering hospital infrastructure; and Porvair, developers of bespoke biological filters used across the healthcare sector. We’re proud to have brought together this unique mix of different voices to discuss their views on patient centric care and how that influences their development process.

This program was originally broadcast on 7th of Febuary 2018.

Published Date: 07/02/2018