Latest Health Advances

Published on: 17/05/2017


Executive TV are pleased to announce Latest Health Advances; this programme looks at a range of technologies within the healthcare sector which enables a better way of life for patients.  

Information is critical to healthcare, giving doctors the ability to diagnose and treat a huge range of conditions. Technology, such as x-ray, MRI and CT scanners provide a wealth of detailed information, allowing clinicians to diagnose and treat patients faster and with a high level of confidence. But other sources of data are equally important, providing treatment histories and patient records that allow clinicians to tailor therapy to a patient’s individual needs. As a result, it is vital that data is always available, and the systems that generate and store information are well-maintained and ready to save patients’ lives.

Latest Health Advances features, Advanced Healthcare (AHL); MatOrtho Ltd; and Mount International United Services Ltd.

Published Date: 17/05/2017