IT: Empowering The Public Sector

Published on: 19/11/2017


The public sector has been under pressure for a number of years, with increasing numbers of users and reducing budgets. To be effective in the modern world public organisations need to do more with less which is a major challenge but there are solutions. IT has always been an engine of change and today it's providing our public services with the tools they need to continue delivering high standards of service at a lower cost. 

IT: Empowering The Public Sector explores the opportunities that information technology offers to a range of different public services, including schools, hospitals and housing providers; and looks at how better IT systems will define the future of all these sectors. This program brings together public sector IT experts XMA and online communications specialists Enghouse Interactive as well as teachers, doctors and service providers from across the public sector to discuss the value potential the IT to empower the future of their industries. 

Published Date: 19/11/2017