Innovation in Healthcare: Patients at the Forefront

Published on: 31/05/2017


This programme looks at technological innovation within healthcare, whilst ensuring patient-centricity is the prime focus.

Innovation is undoubtedly a predominant occurrence within healthcare. New techniques and equipment are progressively introduced, while previous solutions are continuously updated to ensure a better outcome for patients. Suppliers of healthcare products and services are unceasingly coming up with solutions to ensure swift, efficient and a more accurate result.

Although the idea of an innovation may be promising and positive, its implementation within healthcare may not be accepted completely until it reaches the set standards required. The wellbeing of patients is at the forefront, and therefore, new solutions, products and services may be scrutinised extensively before being sanctioned as safe to be used on patients or in their vicinity. These challenges may seem like a setback to healthcare providers; however, manufacturers and suppliers continue to provide solutions, as well as plan advancements to enable the betterment of the sector, as well as to ensure a more positive patient outcome.

Innovation in Healthcare- Patients at the Forefront features, Maquet Getinge Group; Siemens Healthineers; Globus Medical; Mater Hospital; Guy’s and St. Thomas’ Hospital; University of Cambridge School of Clinical Medicine; and Cardiff Bay Hospital.

Published Date: 31/05/2017