Healthcare Innovation: Digital Pathways

Published on: 24/05/2017


The digital revolution is making healthcare faster and more efficient, helping doctors to see more patients and save more lives. This programme explores the cutting-edge innovations that are changing healthcare, such as mobile devices and cloud.

Chronic illnesses are a major challenge to the NHS requiring constant routine communication between healthcare providers, leaving doctors doing paperwork instead of helping patients. Introducing a new data management system could radically speed up referrals and discharges, and give doctors instant access to the information they need. While the introduction of mobile ultrasound devices allows General Practitioners to carry out this procedure within primary care.

Healthcare Innovations: Digital Pathways features, Cohesion Medical; East Lancashire Medical Services; GE Healthcare; Glasgow Royal Infirmary; London Ambulance Service; Redcentric; and the Scottish Government.

Published Date: 24/05/2017