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Posted on: 27/05/2016

Our Workplace Technology programme airs on Sky channel 189 at 10:00am Sunday 5th June.

This programme investigates the transformative nature of information technology, specifically in the modern day workplace. With progressive business practices becoming as standard, businesses are looking increasingly toward adopting innovative workplace technologies to help harness increasingly complex information. Outdated traditional workplace systems are being updated and we look at the various technological catalysts for the overall shift of the workplace into the modern age.

This programme analyses the effect of IT solutions on the working lives from of both business owners, their employees.

We interviewed experts from Milliman the business consultants about how they combine their business acumen with technical expertise to provide solutions for customers. From retirement funding and healthcare finance to overall business analytics they explain how technology is making sweeping changes to workplaces procedures.

The experts at Moorepay, the HR and payroll specialists, give us an insight into the benefits of IT solutions in the workplace specifically for the improved working life of an employee.

David D’Sousa, HR and personell expert from the Chartered Institute of Personell and Devolopment, also helps deconstruct the modern business practices that are being influenced by technological solutions and how they are transforming the workplace for the an employee standpoint.

Finally Principle People, the first dedicated UK health & safety recruitment agency, share with us how technology has become the conduit for continually improved recruitment practice.

This broadcasts on Sky 189 Sunday 5th June 10:00am.

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