The Engaged Smart Transport Project

Posted on: 03/08/2016

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Transport is one of Britain’s biggest problems. Overcrowded public transport and gridlocked roads prevent growth and reduce the quality of life for millions. The solution is to change how we think about transport and Exeter is leading the charge towards a smarter, more engaged transport system that allows this bustling city to thrive.

New transportation technologies have largely been focused on road users themselves; using live traffic and GPS mapping to avoid traffic. But with traffic ever increasing we need to think on a bigger scale and bring new technologies to our road network itself. We need to embrace the big data revolution to understand our infrastructure and use that information to build smarter.

The Engaged Smart Transport was inspired by the rising number of commuters into Exeter and to help the city better plan it’s house building and infrastructure needs. Devon council brought together a consortium of technological experts to deliver one of the most advanced transport analysis projects in the UK.

Global IT innovators NTT Data are and are at the core of the EST project. With years of experience delivering big data solutions across the world they bring a wealth of expertise to analyse Exeter’s traffic problems and deliver critical insights into the needs of the city for years to come.

Supporting the consortium is Vaisala, experts in data collection across a wide range of sectors including science, industry and weather. Their experience with networks of sensors and complex data collection is critical in ensuring good information is collected from the range of road-side monitoring equipment and thus good data for analysis.

To help implement changes across Exeter’s road, transport management specialist Dynniq were brought into the project. With their understanding of traffic signal control, street lighting and car parking networks they are able to find the right solutions for Exeter both today and into the future.

The final partner in the EST project is the local people of Exeter and its surrounding towns. The same data that will help the council create a better transport network is being used to help local people to make better choices. With up to the minute knowledge of traffic and disruptions drivers are more able to find the right route and the right time for their journey, decreasing the volume of traffic by making better decisions.

The Engage Smart Transport Project aims to prove that better technology can deliver substantial gains to any town across the UK, no matter how congested. Simply by getting a better understanding of traffic, councils across Britain can significantly increase traffic flow and make better decisions for the future of their people.