Shuffled Politics

Posted on: 13/07/2016

The last few weeks have been nothing short of an erratic juncture in politics, all thanks to the God forsaken “BREXIT”. This week seems to be no less, with Angela Eagle’s office being bricked, to the Home Secretary preparing to become the new Prime Minister, (that’s Theresa May for those who aren’t aware), and to ex-shadow cabinet minister, Owen Smith, who is now entering the Labour leadership contest, standing against the current Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, as he believes that the party needs a ‘radical and credible’ leader.

While many MPs play merry-go-round in the quest for the Labour leadership, the repercussions of the EU Referendum still seem fresh to the general public, considering that there was a chunk of people who had not a single clue what they were voting for and what was entailed in the referendum. In the pursuit of gaining more knowledge and to prepare themselves for the future prospective EU exit, many people have opted for the good old search engine ways to enlighten themselves, making Brexit the most popular searched topic, even beating porn!

Having said that, the pro-Brexit, anti-Brexit argument will go on as everyone is entitled to their opinion; to each their own. It has probably been a while since the UK has unanimously been passionate about something which isn’t football (now let’s not even mention England’s performance at the UEFA Euro).

There doesn’t seem to be a day where Corbyn’s name isn’t mentioned. From having Labour MPs resigning, to having allegedly been receiving threats, he has stood his ground, and firmly so. I guess you could either love him or hate him, but you certainly cannot ignore him.

Brexit is still under construction and may take just a while before certainty regarding our in or out status. But until then, the only option is to get on with life; live and let live, and not use this as a catastrophic excuse. Rather, use this as an opportunity to prosper, regardless of whether we’re in or out of the European Union.