Planes, trains and…MP’s

Posted on: 09/12/2014

On Black Friday we avoided the carnage of the sales as we had a packed production schedule of filming in West Yorkshire. For the general election build-up we are producing short programmes that give snap-shots of life in different constituencies across the UK.

We arrived at Leeds Bradford International Airport first thing on a very foggy morning to interview Tony Hallwood, Aviation Development Director. This airport is one of the fastest growing UK regional airports. We asked Tony about the plans to develop a new rail network to improve connectivity to the airport and reduce road congestion. He was very positive about the chances of this and mentioned how he’d been working with various politicians to achieve this. This would also lead to an environmental benefit and would connect this region.

After getting some shots of the morning’s hustle and bustle in the airport we were on our way to Leeds General Infirmary. We were interviewing Sharon Coyle, CEO of Children’s Heart Surgery Fund. This is a charity that provides essential support to children suffering from congenital heart defects.

The Children’s Heart Unit at this hospital has had a turbulent few years, with the Government initially closing it. After a high-court battle, a new review was granted, which deemed the initial report “flawed” and the unit was re-opened.

Sharon told us about a parent who had to perform CPR on their child, whilst driving to this unit for emergency surgery. If it had closed they would have had to travel to Newcastle, which could have been too late.

The charity is entirely funded by donations and they are running a Wear Red Day fundraiser on Friday 6th February 2015.

We then headed to Horsforth to interview Stuart Andrew, MP for Pudsey, Horsforth and Aireborough. He has been an active campaigner against the closure of the Children’s Heart Unit and recently chaired a meeting with MP’s to discuss this. He also secured a debate in Westminster Hall to discuss the potential rail network. The Department for Transport is now conducting an assessment of how passengers travel to the airport.

In the 2010 election just 65% voted, meaning a huge section of society was not represented in this vote. Stuart spoke passionately about how everyone should vote, irrespective of who they vote for.

This programme will be broadcast on our Local Community Television platform and we will continue to interview MP’s up until the election. Please share this post on the links below and get in touch with your thoughts.