Digital Transformation: Driving Data

Posted on: 20/12/2019

In the modern age, the importance and overall value of our personal data, should never be underestimated. Thomas Redman, a data expert, once claimed “where there is data smoke, there is business fire” – this analogy perfectly describes the symbiotic relationship between successful modern enterprises, and the use of data analysis. Data analysis drives business forward, and a successful business will produce bundles of useable, shareable data, accommodating for technical learning and innovation, plus opportunities to facilitate industry wide improvements.

In our new connected economy, where personal data is shared in abundance, and data is stored by private companies on mass, the monetary value of our data has soared. Many companies rely on having access to open data; to learn how their consumer base thinks, and to further understand what products and services they truly value. Having access to data in this way has become a central pillar of success for many businesses; and without unfettered access to personal data, many modern businesses would cease to exist.

Nevertheless, when it comes to personal data, we must consider the rights of the ‘end user’, and the responsibilities of big businesses. The risk of storing and sharing personal data must be mitigated by cyber secure networks, and by transparent business practices. Consumers must receive guarantees that their data is safe and secure, despite its huge importance. So, how can modern businesses harvest and employ data securely? What are the benefits to data analytics? And what does the future of our interconnected economy look like, can we create a sustainable, data driven economy?

To further understand how the private sector is storing, driving, and using critical PII data, Executive Television’s latest programme, entitled: Digital Transformation: Driving Data, considers the importance and impact of data harvesting, and assesses the sustainability of the process moving into the future.

In this episode, Executive TV, meets with a host of data, and digitalisation specialists. Firstly, we meet with Raidiam, a company specialising in digital identification and security. We then meet with La Fosse Associates, a recruitment firm who use data to drive tailored recruitment and employment strategies. And finally, we meet with Techbuyer, a software and hardware company specialising in the circular economy, helping to create a more sustainable digital world.

Digital Transformation: Driving Data will be first broadcast on Sunday 22nd December @ 10.30am, and then on Sunday 26th January, on SKY Digital channel 191.

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