Cash in on your Dream Abode

Posted on: 14/07/2016

While many are still contemplating the consequences of what Brexit holds for them in the future, one ought to not neglect that there are many opportunities that may have risen post the referendum.

According to the survey by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (Rics), you will probably get to see house prices falling across the UK in the next three months. Rics have also suggested that only the regions of London and East Anglia are where house prices are expected to fall over the next year. They also said that property enquiries by new buyers had fallen by a third since June, which does not seem very positive for the housing industry.

As we all probably know, it’s very difficult to purchase a property in certain regions of the UK, especially in the capital. Buying a house in London is near to impossible for some people who dream of having their own pad rather than living in rented accommodation.

However, this may not be good news for homeowners as well as investors. Some houses going onto the market in London may suffer. But this surely seems promising for first-time buyers. The coming months could be utilised to get yourself onto the property ladder and buy your dream abode, or a near enough model of it.Normal_House